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At long last…

Posted by Kieran in MONTREAL
13 Jun 2012

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On the road at last.

After a long flight we touched down in Toronto and headed for the customs department to clear the bikes. The warehouse was not open until the follow day so at least we could get the paper work in order. Customs was really easy with both of up looking at one another and saying "was that it". Into Toronto to look for accommodation and my god the heat was cruel. We got the bus into town from the airport and after wandering around looking for accommodation we found a hostel. It was far from nice but a bed is a bed. We were both pretty tired at this stage and got some…


Sunday 17th June,
Here we go again, first things first, I don't know who is riding who at this stage. That scene from Dumb & Dumber rings to mind when they ride into Aspen and when they get off the bike they are frozen together, that is something similar to how my ass feels. I think I can also speak for Paddy as he is in a pretty bad way as well. 500 miles today and for the last 200 I think I was numb form the waist down. My god it was rough. We will have to harden up and quick, as a friend once said "put some cement in your weetbix and harden the f**k up". Moving swiftly along we are held…

Rockie Mountain High

Posted by Kieran in Mc Bride
23 Jun 2012

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Tuesday 19th June.

We landed into the town of Brooks just 175km outside of Calgary. The day was spent battling through storm after storm. It was like entering into an abyss and hoping to come out the far side in one piece.One town in particular called Medicine hat was crazy, thunder lightening and pouring rain. Passing an eighteen wheeler in this is scary stuff, hold on and pray. Paddy's bike was booked in Blackfoot motorcycles to get the front fork seals fixed on Wednesday morning and we would easily be able to kick that into touch in the morning and be there for 11am.The motel was…

Patrick Mullen and Frosty Around The World Motorbike Trip Alaska Siberia Mongolia BMW F650GS

Dawson City.
Right it has been a good few days since our last blog and lots of stories to tell. On the way to Alaska in a small town called Bell 2, I picked up a book called the 'Saga of the sour toe". It was about a guy called Captain Dick Stevenson who in the summer of 1973 found a human toe pickled in a jar out in the woods about 100 miles from Dawson City. He had just bought the cabin and I suppose he was having a look around and found this pickled toe in a jar. Later that summer he came up with the idea of the sour toe cocktail where the toe is dropped into a shot of Yukon Jack whiskey…

Big Push to Vancouver

Posted by Kieran in Vancouver
09 Jul 2012

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Patrick Mullen and Frosty Around The World Motorbike Trip Alaska Siberia Mongolia BMW F650GS

Man we really did not give ourselves enough time in Canada, we just did not realise how big the place is. After the Dalton Highway and collapasing into bed after one of the toughest days I have ever had on a bike we arrived back in fairbanks at close to midnight. One thing about getting to Deadhorse, you then have to go all the way back again. The road was much easier as it was dry. I think the road could be rated the same as a river. Grade 3 if dry and a solid 5+ if it is wet. We stayed at the university on the way back and got out of the flee bitten motel we were in before hand. Dan our new found…

From Russia With Love

Posted by Kieran in Ulan-Ude
25 Jul 2012

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Patrick Mullen and Frosty Around The World Motorbike Trip Siberia BMW F650GS

Right here goes, first of all it has been a while since the last post due to lack of Internet and wifi and we have been pushing hard for the last 6 days or so. We arrived into Vladivostik on the boat from Korea and on the boat we met Andrew and Frank from Ausrriala who are on a bike trip to istambul and then Andrew is traveling to Amesterdam. They offered great advice on the customs clearance in Russia and also advised of a fixer called Uri who could help with clearance. We also met a Japanese biker called Akira Yokota who we have christened the "Dominator" as he rides a Honda Dominator 650. He…

Mongolia Nights.

Posted by Kieran in Tsterleg
04 Aug 2012

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Patrick Mullen and Frosty Around The World Motorbike Trip Mongolia BMW F650GS

Imagine this, if you land mined the road, then mortar bombed the shit out of it and throw in a spot of tractor pulling

Latest update from Tseterleg about 500 km outside of Ulanbator or Ulanbatter as we have started to call it. It sounds like something you could order in a fish and chip shop in Dublin or Glasgow. "Hey Jimmy give us an auld Ulan Batter and chips". Any way moving swiftly along, Mongolia has been fantastic so far, we are heading up to the white lake tomorrow for a spot of fishing and a swim. We will probably camp up there for a night and then move along heading west. Patrick‚Äôs bike has been acting the ham, overheating and generally throwing the toys out of the pram. The fan was on the blink so we…

Back in the USSR.

Posted by Kieran in Novosibirsk
21 Aug 2012

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Patrick Mullen and Frosty Around The World Motorbike Trip image BMW F650GS

Right, first and foremost we have made it out of Mongolia. My christ it was a tough last few days but in true spirits we pushed on. We made great time to Olgil as the roads improved slightly and then a day to the border. We hit the border spot on, 4 O'clock on a Friday evening. Everyone keen to get the hell home and we were wisked through in a little over an hour and a half. As apossed to the six hours on the way in. We stayed in a shitty little town in Russia but we were back on the black stuff, tarmac. Its was magic. Now don't get me wrong Mongolia is one amazing place. They live at a different…

Moscow to Munich

Posted by Kieran in Munich
14 Sep 2012

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Patrick Mullen and Frosty Around The World Motorbike Trip image BMW F650GS

"Frosty arrived later that evening as well, sometime into the second bottle of red and we had port and whiskeys to follow for desert"

Right a massive update is going to happen here. I have to fill in from Moscow to Munich. Right where to start. After sliding down the road a few days previous due to a freak of nature we landed into Moscow. We made contact with the BMW motorrad dealer in order to get the bikes serviced. They needed new chains and sprocket, filters, oil change and generally a bit of love. We got a taxi into the hostel that afternoon and would collect the bikes the next day and head towards Lithuania. When things got tough on this trip I had promised to shout dinner in Moscow, fine dining, wine the whole nine yards.…