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Final Prep

Posted by Patrick in Dublin
04 May 2012

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After 2 and a bit years of talking over the phone and e-mailing, myself and Frosty finally got to sit down and tool around with the bikes. We had a new set of Renthal Highbend Dakar handlebars to fit to his bike and we had to route/wire the heated grips to fit them. I had done the same job some months ago on my bike and decided at that point that I didn't want to machine a hole in them, they were bought for their durability so it seemed counter productive to drill them. A huge amount of gear had also arrived in the studio a few weeks before from Touratech so we were both fairly keen to open, smell,…

One week out

Posted by Patrick in DUBLIN
02 Jun 2012

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pmul and frosty, having a sing

"the night's busting open, these two lanes will take us anywhere..."

It's been 887 days since myself and Kieran first spoke about the trip. A trip that's been imagined by many but enacted by quite few. Being honest I never really thought I'd be here. I never really thought it was actually going to happen and I was ok with that. It peppered the dull days in Dublin and gave me an excuse to sit out in the shed, work on my bike and all the while dream of the barren Mongolian steppe. But now here I am, 7 days out from the start, far more terrified than I would have ever imagined and utterly delighted with this great adventure that lies in-front of us. I'm done talking…

Humble Beginnings

Posted by Patrick in ELGIN
17 Jun 2012

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on a whim and a prayer

Right, first post from the road, sorry it has taken so long...

It feels like I should produce something of worth here, stories of great hardship or fortune but alas, the trip is young and the territory civilized so instead I'll embellish liberally. Almost a week in and we`re beginning to get all our ducks in a row, we had a list of items we had to pickup over here and with the purchase of a laptop yesterday afternoon we`re finally able to give the blog a good deal of attention, apologies for the scarcity of posts during the first week, just to confirm we are both alive and well.

The first week has flown by, Kieran has already gone over the first…


Posted by Patrick in ALBERTA
20 Jun 2012

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broken down

A biker we bumped into along the way asked me to keep something in mind when writing this blog. He told me that 'nobody cares how I FEEL'...

Having spent the last four days traveling 3,200km through somewhat unremarkable terrain I'm going to disregard that and tell you all just how I feel. Ha. We left Elgin, Illinois early on Sunday morning, one week in and we were beginning to find a rhythm, the miles were seeming shorter and the bikes far more familiar. We passed through Illinois and Minnesota without much ado, huge highways lined by pine trees and what I can only assume was the entire population of deer lying crooked and dead by the side of the road. We had been given warnings of deer by a number of harley drivers, all seemingly…

Bump in the night

Posted by Patrick in FAIRBANKS
29 Jun 2012

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Patrick Mullen and Frosty Around The World Motorbike Trip Alaska Siberia Mongolia BMW F650GS

Hoi hoi, still both alive and well. Finally made it up North to Alaska after another few long days in the saddle across the northern part of British Columbia and the Yukon. Enjoying a day off getting new tires put on the bikes before taking on the Dalton Highway tomorrow into the Arctic Circle and on to Deadhorse/ Prudhoe bay. Anyway, picking up where Kieran left off we rode out of Lake Lousie heading north with no real plan - we thought we would see what Jasper was like and maybe stay there, we had time and no place to be. The drive through the Rockies was spectacular and we were delighted to…

Patrick Mullen and Frosty Around The World Motorbike Trip image BMW F650GS

Right, continent number two, we've both landed safe and sound in Seoul and by doing so have gone against the one piece of advice that was noted in every source we looked at during the research: don't ever leave without your bikes.

It really is common sense but as it transpired it was easier said than done. So, as I sit on the floor in some strange and splendid Korean home my bike sits across the pacific in a warehouse monitored by a pervert. Ok, he may not be a pervert, but he did look like one so I'm taking the liberty of joining the dots. Despite our fairly loose plan in Vancouver regarding crating and accommodation we had confirmed a space on Tuesday for our bikes to fly. This meant they would arrive in Seoul with us on Wednesday afternoon with ample time to clear them from customs (2 working days) un-crate, assemble…

Caviar and a close call

Posted by Patrick in ULAANBAATAR
30 Jul 2012

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ferry from Korea to Russia

I'm in Ulaanbaatar. From the outset this has been the place I've looked forward to the most, not necessarily as a destination but more so as the entry point to the enormous amount of unpaved, unmarked and open land that spans out to the west and the freedom that goes with it.

We've been in Mongolia for about 4 days now and it has already far exceeded what we had imagined over the last number of years. The same is true for Russia, it's quite remarkable how the entire nature of the trip has changed since leaving Korea. It's been a while since I updated so I'll go back a few days and make up some stories about Russia and Russian people before getting to Mongolia.

As Kieran mentioned we met up with some fine fellows on the boat from Korea and, given the great number of warnings we received from locals, we decided to ride with them through part of Siberia to…

Don’t be shit

Posted by Patrick in Khovd
15 Aug 2012

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Patrick Mullen and Frosty Around The World Motorbike Trip Mongolia BMW F650GS

Well, things have certainly taken a sharp turn since you were last updated...

Mongolia, like a pimp, has been splendid and cruel in equal measure. The landscape and people remain incredible but the driving has become increasingly difficult and the bikes are surely struggling. The past 3 days in particular have introduced both of us to an entirely new brand of shite and have heralded the first sustained period of long, arduous days on the bike. As you may realise neither of us were massively motivated to take out a camera over the last 3 days, subsequently the shots that go with this are somewhat unrelated to the content of the post, you'll just have to deal with that as…

Patrick Mullen and Frosty Around The World Motorbike Trip image BMW F650GS

“Bush mechanics and maintenance have become a daily routine as we push our jaded bikes closer to the finish and we've discovered that disaster goes hand in hand with fortune”

Yes, once again it has been a while since we 've updated the blog but believe it or not it's hard to find a few spare minutes in the day with a clear brain to sit down and write. Bush mechanics and maintenance have become a daily routine as we push our jaded bikes closer to the finish and we've discovered that disaster goes hand in hand with fortune.

We split from the Russian bike crew between Novosibirsk and Omsk, some mechanical issues with one of their bikes meant they were going to be delayed and conscious of our timeline they were happy for us to plow on. We were still some days…